This public site contains limited information to prevent continued copying of entire narratives by individuals into their Ancestry databases. Please contact me if you believe any of the information displayed is incorrect. My private site is password protected and contains complete narratives, sources and photographs.

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This site is a public site with limited information. My private and original document sites are password protected and limited to family members. If you are related to a person in this public site, and wish to exchange information and sources please contact me Thana White Cottrell.

Even though this site contains limited information the material is still subject to copyright. Facts, names, dates, and places cannot be copyrighted - you are free to use this information. However, the short narratives are my creative work and are copyrighted. You may copy them for your personal use, but may not republish them as they are written in any form including copying them to your Ancestry tree (public or private) or elsewhere unless you have obtained written permission from me.

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